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Sunday, 10 May 2015

A-One Star Hotel Pattaya Review

A-One Star Hotel Pattaya Review - Firstly the A-One Star Hotel is a part of the "A-One" group of hotel. In Pattaya there are three hotels within 50 metres of each other. Which ever hotel you decide to stay at you can share the facilities of the other three.
A-One Star Hotel Pattaya - clean modern caters mainly for Asian package tour clientel

The Rooms at the A-One Star
The Rooms at the A-One Star are unbelievable small and I would not recommend them to Western holiday makers as we are often slightly larger than our Asian friends. I would also not recommend this hotel for couples as there is little or no storage space what so ever - not even a single drawer to put your things in. The toilet and shower cubicle where very claustrophobic.
A-One Star Hotel Pattaya Room Review - two small for couples, noisey at night and the light behind the bed was badly placed as you kept bumping your head against it!

These photos are of my "Super Star Room" and although bright when the curtains where open the room was unbelievably dark with them closed. The lighting was so bad I would suggest that should you choose to stay here - to take a torch! to help get a good shave or if you are female apply your make up: Despite my somewhat negative review my room was spotlessly clean
Storage space was l;imited to two slots either side of the TV. There is no drawers in the room to place smaller items - living out of your suitcase.A-One Star Hotel Pattaya Shower Cubicle - Cluastrophobic! too small for two peopleA-One Star Hotel Pattaya Shower Cubicle - Cluastrophobic! too small for two people

My Super Star room did not come with tea and coffee making facilities which I found strange in what is billed as a 3 star hotel. The was also no balcony and you were not aloud to smoke in the room. There is one window you can open but it isn't large  enough to allow adequate ventilation. The toilet was also small - so small you could rest your head on the wall opposite you?
A-One Star Hotel Pattaya Toilet Cubicle - Cluastrophobic! so small you could rest your head on the opposite wall

The A-One Star hotel caters for package tour customers mainly from Asia - India, Taiwan and China. This may not be a positive review of what is claimed to be a 3 star hotel but it does one  saving graces. There is no joiner fee - if you are a single male holiday maker you may get a larger room at one of the sister hotels A-One Pattaya Beach or A-One Royal Cruise but be warned "They have a one thousand Baht joiner fee"

 Top Tip - if you are not from Asia - India, Taiwan and China go stay somewhere else

Whether you go on holiday to Pattaya to experience the bar girl scene, its many massage parlours or just enjoy the sunshine, my last piece of advice is to book your flight and holiday hotel accommodation today – because after today, you will only wish you had booked it yesterday! 
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