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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Pattaya bar girl guide-sexy bar girls exposed

Pattaya bar girl guide-sexy bar girls exposed. If this is your first time to Pattaya, your first holiday to Pattaya or sin city, you will need to know one or two things about the beautiful, sexy, young bar girls that await you. The bar girl guide that exposes them for what they are..

Bar Girl Guide 

Bar girls are prostitutes: it’s as simple as that. You may want to search through countless other web sites for a better description of what a bar girl from Pattaya is, but in all honesty, regardless of how many different words they choose to use. The bar girls of Pattaya are, and always will be prostitutes.


Why are there so many prostitutes in Pattaya? 

Why are there so many prostitutes in Pattaya – because of the money they can earn from it – simple? Do holiday makers that frequent the beer bars of Pattaya believe they are exploiting young women? Apparently not, a friend of mine once said on returning to Bangkok Airport after a two week holiday, that not only had he spent all his holiday money – but had to use is cash card to make a withdrawal from an ATM. Was he exploiting the girl, or was he being exploited? In Pattaya foreign holiday makers are often referred to as “Walking ATM’S”

Sending money home. 

Bar girls have to send money home each month to support their families. This is common in Asia, but what amazes many holiday makers in Pattaya is to hear that it is considered more shameful not to send money home each month than the means in which it is earned.

Which bar has the prettiest bar girls? 

Unfortunately that is a question I cannot answer, however, as there are possibly over a thousand beer bars in Pattaya, if you don’t find someone you like at the first bar – simply move on. You will never be spoiled for choice.

What will a night with a bar girl cost? 

Some bar girls are prettier than others, some are taller, some are heavier and some are in fact men (Lady boys) A pretty young bar girl will always demand more money for her sexual services than that of a bar girl that is a little older maybe. There is no set price guide, but 1000Bht is typical to secure the company of a bar girl over night. A word of warning – always make sure you agree on a price before paying the bar fine.

300Baht for a take away 

A bar fine is simply the amount of money you pay the bar for taking away or taking out one of its staff members. Beer bar fines are usually around 300Bht but, again may be slightly different depending on the lady of your choice. Lady drinks It is very doubtful you will have a good time with your newly acquired girl friend if you haven’t at least bought her a lady drink or two. Lady drinks are normal drinks but are slightly more expensive than those you may have paid for, if you had chose to have one yourself. The small increase is passed on to the girl as a form of tip or reward for bringing custom to the bar.

Turn a good night in to a great one. 

How to turn a good night into a great one in Pattaya – Take two ladies out! The secret here is that having made your mind up on your first choice, you ask her to choose the second lady. This way you know that the ladies in question are good friends, will not fall out later in the evening, and will most definitely have enjoyed many a happy hour perusing horizontal activities together in the past.

If you want to have a great holiday in Pattaya – spend some money! Do not be a cheap Charlie. At the end of the day though, regardless of how much money you have spent, you should never spent that much you cannot afford to buy a box of condoms from the 7Eleven. Unprotected sex can cost you far more than the Baht in your pocket.

Remember - Book your flight or holiday to Pattaya today – because after today, you will only wish you had booked it yesterday! 
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