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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Massage Parlors and Sex In Pattaya

Massage parlor oil massages, dirty massages and massages with happy endings! Unfortunately - or fortunately depending on your requirements, nearly all massage parlors in Pattaya offer some form of sexual service.

Eden massage parlor on Soi Diana is the only massage parlor I know of in Pattaya that has a sign outside saying “No Sex Massage” surprisingly – it’s usually busy! However, it shouldn’t be taken for granted that every massage parlor will offer some form of sexual relief – there are a couple of massage parlors that you have to ask for such services. I know – “how outrageous”

Just a relaxing massage 

Remember, its your holiday and your holiday money, so if it’s not what you want you can always say no which is quite ironic really as the word “no” does not exist in the Thai language. Thai people simple say “Mai Chai” or “not yes” I suggest if you are going to visit a Thai massage parlor whilst on holiday you quickly forget how to say Mai Chai!

Seedy massage parlors 
Seedy or dirty massage parlors are found on every street or Soi in Pattaya. What they are like inside and what you can expect is explained here – Massage Parlor Sex.

No sex please we’re British 

The weather in Pattaya is temperate, hot humid days with short but frequent torrential down pours of rain. I love being in Pattaya when it rains – it gives me a great excuse to spend an hour in a massage parlor. At the end of a hard day running from one down pour to the next, what could be better than receiving a gentle rub down by a sexy young lady who constantly tells me my wrinkled up knackered old body is in good shape! She may well fondle my gentleman's tackle and whisper in my ear “you want boom boom” I being British always say “n…. Mai Chai”.

Pattaya is an amazing holiday resort, full of wonderful people and attractions. An holiday to Pattaya without visiting a massage parlor would be an opportunity missed.

Remember - Book your flight or holiday to Pattaya today – because after today, you will only wish you had booked it yesterday!
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