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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Pattaya - The Naked Truth About Bar Girls

Pattaya - The Naked truth about bar girls. The video below is an independent documentary about Thailand’s bar girls - in particularly Pla’s story. Is this the naked truth? Is she lying in order to extract money from foreign holiday makers? Does her beauty and warming smile make you believe what she is saying, what she is really after - money!

Pla is a bar girl working in Bangkok but she could well be working in any beer bar in Thailand – Bangkok bar girls are just as cunning as their counterparts in Pattaya or Phuket.

The naked truth about bar girls is simple
The naked truth about bar girls is simple – they are born to lie as much as they are born to lay, or be laid. There are stories on the internet where people have fallen in love with a bar girl, got married and remain happily married to this day. But as a percentage of all holiday romances formed in the resorts mentioned above, they barely register.

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Bar Girls – Prostitution 
Disguise it any why you like - the fact is that all: bar girls, whether they are in Bangkok, Pattaya or Patong beach in Phuket are indeed prostitutes. Paid guides, escorts or hostesses it amounts to the same thing. If you are traveling to either one of the above cities for a holiday vacation and intend to investigate there colorful nightlife this fact is well worth remembering. You may well be tempted to spend an evening with a bar girl, and I am sure you will have a memorable time. In the morning however – you should steal yourself and let her go. She will no doubt tell you “You are the one”, you are different from anyone else” and "She loves you" (Even though you only met 4 hours ago). The hard fact is - You my friend are nothing more than a walking ATM and she knows it.

Pattaya has for many years been described as “Disneyland for adults – but with better rides” and this may be true. The best piece of advice I can give to anyone heading for Bangkok, Pattaya or Patong is to go! But once the ride is over – get off and move onto the next.

At best forming a relationship with a bar girl will hurt your wallet - at worst, she will break your heart.

Remember - Book your flight or holiday to Pattaya today – because after today, you will only wish you had booked it yesterday!

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