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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Pattaya Sex Tourist

Pattaya! a city born of sin! With hundreds off beer bars and thousands of beautiful, young, dusky, smooth skinned bar girls calling your name "A handsome man" is it any wonder that men and women! of all ages stray from their partners or choose to escape the reality of a humdrum life back home for a few hours of uncomplicated sex.

A holiday to Thailand  is like no other, and with just a few clicks of your mouse you too can be on the way. There are some really cheap flights to Pattaya at the moment, or should I say cheap flights to Bangkok your gateway to the fantastic resort of Pattaya.
Bar girls of Pattaya wear very little clothing, some are virtually naked in an attempt to get customers into their bar and hopefully bar fine them later

A quick survey revealed that 80% of Pattaya's male holiday makers go purely for the sex, and that 50% of those would not return to Pattaya if they could not satisfy their hunger for cheap, casual, non committal sex. Generally speaking there are two main category's of sex in Pattaya. Short time and long time. 
Gogo dancers like thier counter part the bar girls will often sleep with holiday makers for money

Short time sex is usually when a guy takes a bar girl back to his hotel or more often than not, to a "short time room" these short time rooms are usually above the bar or gogo where the lady in question is working, and consist of the essentials for the act, "a bed" and very little of any thing else. The Bar Girl definition of short time sex is "You come, I go" The price of short time sex in Pattaya varies, and a few things should be taken in to consideration when haggling for a good price. Firstly the girls popularity, a pretty girl will always ask for more, and a pretty young girl more again. The time of day and the number of potential customers at the bar will play a part too, as will your appearance and age! Yes, bar girls don't like going with big fat smelly fag smokers!! Price guide: 300 Baht for the rental of the room and 500 Baht for the girl.

Lady Boy's, Yes this is a guy! Buyer beware
sexy ylung lady boy pattaya soi 7
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Long Time sex. An all nighter. The lady is invited back to spend the entire night with you, her new boy friend, customer, client, John, Mark, or "walking ATM" The price of love? Again this depends on a number of factors. If you took a bar girl from a beer bar you will have to pay the "Bar Fine" 300Baht, up to 1000Baht for a real looker in a gogo. The bar fine is to cover the potential loss of earnings that she may have brought in to the establishment that night. Some bars will only let you bar fine after you have purchased her at least two drinks, and lady drinks maybe more than double the price you would normally pay. The girl earns a small commission from each lady drink. Back at your hotel you may well be be asked to pay a "Joiner Fee", a charge levied by the hotel to cover.... wear and tear! In the morning you will have to pay the girl. The price of love 1000 Baht or more!

Who invented the saying "sex tourist" I have no idea, Where was it invented, I will let you decide. Do I pay girls to sleep with me, no... I pay them to leave!!Whatever you do, do it safely, and have a great time in Pattaya


  1. Dear sir
    How can we identify a ladyboy from real ladies?

    1. For the first time visitor to Pattaya, Thailand its not going to be easy spotting a lady boy. All I will say is, if she turns out to be a he. Simply smile and walk away. They are lady boys.. not monsters. Have a great holiday in Pattaya http://pattayabound.blogspot.co.uk/2009/12/ladyboy-spotting-in-pattaya.html

  2. Firstly they really think that they are real ladies - Secondly it comes with experience, with often the most experienced often being surprised..!! - as Andrew said if it's not for you simply smile and go in the opposite direction do NOT cause a fuss, it could become very complicated and hurt (you)... Have a great time..