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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Pattaya Nightlife, Prostitution in Pattaya, Thailand

Prostitution in Pattaya, Thailand. There are many reasons for going on holiday to Pattaya, Thailand. Beautiful beaches, islands to explore, diving and fishing, temples, fantastic food, the weather, festivals such as the Songkran and Loy Kratong, and amazing attractions and activities to suite all the family. But for many the main reason for going on holiday to Pattaya is its vibrant adult themed nightlife.

Hundreds, if not thousands of young, beautiful, dusky skinned girls, desperately try to grab your attention, and you’re hard earned cash call out after you. Whether it is from a massage parlor, a beer bar, go-go or gentleman’s club, you can not escape, or ignore them. They have you in there power, trapped by a single alluring smile the single guy as no chance.

The nightlife in Pattaya is aimed specifically at the male holiday maker. Young or old, decrepit, disheveled, over or under weight there will always be some one willing to make his acquaintance. And there will always be a young lady there to help him spend his holiday cash.. Even if it means spending it on her.

So where does the prostitution come in to this story? Simple put, there is no prostitution in Thailand because prostitution in Thailand is illegal. However if you read the stories on the Internet you will find that many men that visit Pattaya regularly, do not pay to sleep with prostitutes, bar girls or hostesses. They simple pay them to leave in the morning!

pattaya bar girl soi seven
Are bar girls/hostesses, to be thought of as prostitutes? are they considered of lower status than that of a girl working in a shop or as a maid in a hotel. God help you should you feel the urge to slap a ladies bottom that is not employed in one of the many “Adult Entertainment Zones” She will in no uncertain terms tell you she is not a bar girl. If you are lucky she will not call the police (you have been warned) There most definitely is a social ranking between the women of Pattaya.

So why do bar girls/hostesses or indeed the girl that works in the 7Eleven turn to prostitution? Is it merely to bolster there meager wage? Buddhism the national religion of Thailand encourages sex between a man and women, after all it’s a totally natural act, and we are all here because of it, right! On my last trip to Pattaya, my “hostess” friend said “why have sex for free, when you can have sex for money”. I could not fault her logic!

According to a report in sexwork.com, the role of Buddhism could also play a part in why a Thai woman may not feel that sleeping with strangers for money is such a bad thing. It also explains that women are considered of lower social standing than men, and that after her death a woman would hope to be reborn as a man. Which makes you wonder why there are so many lady boys in Pattaya?
Blokes that want to be women, who would have thought?

Prostitution in Pattaya, Thailand is illegal don't do it.... much!
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  1. Hi Andy,
    Thanks for all your time effort and humour, in constucting not only one
    of the most informative sites on the net - but certainly the best for
    The article "sex and budhism" was a real eye opener, and I, like most
    westerners will always try to find out what makes `em tick! Why then
    are there so many ladyboys? Maybe it`s because the male species think
    they are so dominant they`ve already reached a superior stage, and as
    such cannot be "demoted" to the lesser female status in thier next
    path/journey in life. By acting out the female "role" maybe they think
    gaining valuable attributes by cooking, cleaning, washing ironing etc,
    will hold greater values in thier next life. so my motto here
    (like all ladyboys) is:-
    1. Don`t knock it, until you`ve tried it! And............
    2. Suck it and see!
    Keep up the great work Andy, can`t wait for the next post!
    Thanks again.