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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Cheap rooms, Pattaya. Many Less than 500 Baht per Night

Cheap rooms in Pattaya. Many Less than 500 Baht per Night! If you are looking for cheap accommodation in Pattaya this is a great place to start your search. All the rooms in the list below are less than 1000 Baht Per night. I am not talking about 5 star luxury accommodation but good quality, budget accommodation with a price to suit you "Cheap"!
howards gay guest house pattaya
Some people think that if you pay less than 1000 Baht per night you will be staying in very poor, shabby, run down accommodation. Let me assure you this is not the case. In Pattaya, you get quite a lot for you Pound, Dollar or even Rupee. In fact in my list of recommended rooms and accommodation below, you will find some terrific place's right in the heart of Pattaya for less than 500 Baht per night. "Rooms for less than 500 Baht" per night, believe it, it's true. And don't forget this is Thailand so negotiating/ haggling for a better price is not considered rude, in fact, it's expected.

Once you find somewhere you like the look of, with facilities that match your requirements, and at a price that fits your budget. Give them a call or send them and email. But remember to ask for a discount especially if you intend to stay in Pattaya longer than the average holiday maker. Most, if not all hotels and guest houses will give a further reduction if you choose to stay that little bit longer. Staying in Pattaya for a month is quite normal, even if you only intended to stay for two weeks!!
caddy shack pattaya accommodation
Staying in Pattaya for less than 1000 Baht is easily done; staying in Pattaya for less than 500 Baht can be done! It's just a question of what you want from the accommodation. Five star luxury it most certainly will not be. Basic, clean and comfortable, a TV with a few good channels, a small fridge, air conditioning or a fan and away you go. A month in Pattaya Thailand for less than £100 - There's never been a better time to book!!

Where ever you stay. Have a great time in Pattaya
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  1. I stayed in East-Pattaya in room for 450 a night incl A/C. In Ooy's Garden Rooms. Find on facebook. All new and clean.