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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Sex Tourists, Pattaya Thailand

The infamous Pattaya sex tourist! Could it be you? For a number of years now, Pattaya, Thailand has been labelled as “Sin City”, where dirty old men from all walks of life go to relive their youth. The majority of male holiday makers in Pattaya do get labelled sex tourists. It`s unfortunate, never the less - but true, as most of the single males traveling to Pattaya are indeed - sex tourists. I know from experience that they do not like the sex tourist tag, but it sure beats being called a “Monger”. The P4P (Pay For Pleasure) scene, is still Pattaya’s biggest attraction and a huge generator of revenue, so although prostitution is illegal throughout Thailand, I`m confident they`re in no great rush to clean up its shady, but highly lucrative image.

Pattaya has a long, narrow, cramped small beach; the sea water is not fit to swim in. It also has some terrible pavements, disgusting toilets, foul smelling drains, and depending on what time of year you travel, some lousy weather thrown in too. So despite these “minor low points”, why does Pattaya have this wonderful magnetism that continuously draws us back for more - year in - year out?

Well, Pattaya’s nightlife is extraordinary and unique! Its vibrant beer bar complexes will simply amaze you. To get your attention, stunning girls literally jump in the road and plead with you to sit at their bar.  Can you turn down a 19 year old, with pearly white teeth, wearing a skimpy sailor uniform and a figure to die for?  If you can, then you`re a stronger man than most - but remember, you`re not a sex tourist, you`re just on holiday in Pattaya, The Land Of Smiles.

Prostitution is illegal in Thailand, indeed all forms of nudity are banned, even films are censored when being shown on Thai Television. Bar girls and go-go dancers are merely escorts and hostesses for you - The Sex tourist! 

For the newbie to Pattaya, let me tell you it`s almost impossible NOT to get laid. Yes, regardless of your age, shape, size and country of origin, if you want sex, you will have sex! and providing you have the money, you can have a lot of sex too, and you don’t have to wait for it to get dark either!! Some times there is nothing better than a walk down Soi 6 in the afternoon, where numerous smiling beautiful young ladies, are all ready to greet you.
The bar girls of Pattaya are more than willing to spend time with you, away from the bars they work in. Whether you just wish to go for a stroll along the beach, or have a drink at another venue, the choice is yours. However, most guys simply wish to take the young lady out for some “horizontal bedroom fun”. “No problem, up to you”, the girls will say!

To take a girl away from any bar, you must pay a “bar fine” .This is an amount of money, paid to the Mamasan (boss lady/head cashier) because if a bar has no bar girls, it will not attract many customers, so the bar fine goes towards making up the potential loss of earnings. Bar fines are usually about 300 Baht.  Remember there is no prostitution in Pattaya Thailand, and therefore simply paying a bar fine does not automatically mean that your “guest” will sleep with you. NB Before bar fining any one, make sure that she knows exactly what your intentions are. Upsetting a bar girl can lead to a slap in the mouth and or a spell in the “Monkey House” (Prison). 

If after stating your intentions, and paying the bar fine, you do end up at “shagwell Mansions”, (which is actually a real hotel in Pattaya) - when all the “Horizontal Tiddly Winks” have been played, you will need to settle your bill with the girl. Sorry guy’s, although she is not a prostitute, as there is no prostitution in Thailand, and you are not a “sex tourist” she will still need her BFH (Bus Fare Home). It`s also a good idea to have agreed this amount, before paying the bar fine!
Are you a sex tourist? Do you pay for sex… or do you just pay for them to leave?

Have a great time in Pattaya!
How does it feel to fly with the best ?

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