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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Want A Girl, Guest Friendly Hotel In Pattaya

Looking for a girl, guest friendly hotel in pattaya? Want to find the best girl, guest friendly hotels? Want advice on the best located girl, guest friendly hotels. Look no further.. 

There are literally hundreds of hotels in Pattaya to choose from but which one is right for you. In looking for a girl, guest friendly hotel I presume? You are looking for accommodation where the policy of the hotel allows its paying guests (usually single males) to take non-paying non-resident females to their rooms as overnight guests? 

To be quite honest the lady you intend to have spend the night with you is most probably a bar girl. It is worth remembering that not all hotels allow paying guests this privilege: Some hotels Like the Woodland Resort for one do not! Most hotels however, do allow you to do this and I have given special mention to some of the better ones bellow. 

The Areca Lodge Hotel has been a favorite of mine for many years. Once stayed there, I believe it may become a favorite of yours too, Check it out!

As I said, most hotels are quite happy to have the “extra guest” stay with out any additional charge as it usually generates additional income for them through money spent at the bar or in the restaurant. Hotels that let you take in “Joiners” (A Joiner is a common term used to describe a non paying over night guest?) free of charge, are the most sort after hotels in Pattaya. Most hotels in Pattaya charge for the room and not the number of occupants. If your room has a double bed then it’s pretty much taken that the room rate/price is for two people sharing. If you are unsure simply click the “two” people option on the hotel booking form. This can in many cases prevent any miss understandings.

The LK Renaissance Hotel Slightly more expensive than the Areca Lodge but well worth checking out. Both Hotels both hotels are located on Soi Diana right in the heart of Pattaya.

Hotels that allow joiners in but charge: Some hotels may ask for a small payment when you bring a lady guest/joiner in to the hotel. This charge is called the “Joiner fee” and can be 200 to 500 Baht depending on the hotel. If you wish to spend the majority of your time “Mongering” (Monger – is another commonly used term in Pattaya to describe someone who intends to spend the majority of his time “Fooling around with bar girls?) These hotels should be avoided as the cumulative cost can be an unwelcome surprise. 

Hotels that charge for the “second guest/joiner” only, this is self explanatory. It just means you may take two ladies (in some cases more, depending on your stamina!) back to your hotel room. You are not charged for the first guest but will be charged for each subsequent guest. I can only presume this is to cover any additional cost arising from “Damaged to beds! 

For some spending the night with a “bar girl/guest or joiner” is not an essential part of their holiday to Pattaya, but for most, It is! Looking for a girl, guest friendly hotel in pattaya? Want to find the best girl, guest friendly hotels? Choose your hotel wisely. Don’t waste your money on a joiner fee’s when an equivalent, or some times even better one can be found for the same price. 

There are some amazing hotels in Pattaya with prices to suit every pocket. All you have to do is pick one. 
Word of warning.. Once you have chosen a hotel. Please check with them via email before making your booking that their policy has not changed. Print it out and take it with you when you go on holiday. If there is, which I very much doubt, any problem this should help sort it out. 

Book your holiday today and have a great time in Pattaya.
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  1. Hi andrew,

    greetings from india. thanks for the useful information about hotels, bars and massage. We are a couple and are planning to visit thailand for the first time to indulge in fun............we intend to stay at pattaya for 4 nights and bangkok for 2 nights. can you please recommend us some medium budget hotels which do not charge joiner fee for the third person? on enquiries i have come to know that nova platinum is one such hotel. thanks again.

    1. Hi Redgo85
      Unfortunately nearly all hotels charge a joiner fee for the "Third" guest. The only way around this is to stay in "Cheaper accommodation" But personally I prefer a little luxury when on my holiday. If you really do want to share your bed with TWO young ladies I think it’s worth splashing out now and again on a joiner fee. Have a great holiday. Thank you for your comment

    2. thanks for the prompt reply. sorry i think i have to rephrase my question. Like i mentioned we are travelling as a couple. if we want another guest to join us for the night will it cost us exta money. aalso if u will be kind enough to recommend a mid luxury hotel say 2000 baht a night for a couple.

    3. There are really too many hotels to mention but you could try the LK Metropole on soi Diana as it is centrally located and should fulfill your needs. If you are at all worried about joiners,(third guest) you can always email the hotel direct - it is not an uncommon request. Have a great holiday

  2. Dear Andrew
    We 4 friends are planning to visit Thailand for the first time.We wish to stay in Pattaya for 3 days and 1 day at Bangkok.We have decided to book a single 4 beded room.Right now we have no idea of booking a girl and bringing her to our room.some of our friends say that we can choose girls easily on the road side and go with them to their places..will it be safe for us?

    1. Four guys in one room? you must be crazy, but "Up to you" as they say in Pattaya. If I was you I would stick to the short time bars on soi six http://pattayabound.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/short-time-rooms-on-soi-six-6-pattaya.html and never go out with more money than you can afford to either spend or lose. Pattaya is a fun city. Be respectful at all times. Do not be a cheap Charlie (Four in one room?) and you will have a great time.

  3. Hi.. We are four guys planning on a trip to Bangkok(3 days) and Pattaya(3 days) at the end of November 2014. I have read your blogs on pattaya page to page. My query is: If we plan on bringing ladies back to our room for short or long duration, will the hotels let us if we have booked only 2 rooms on twin sharing basis( We plan on taking turns to bring the ladies to our rooms while the others fend for themselves outside)? Will we have to pay any additional joiner fee? Will this problem be sorted if we book 2 family suites meant for 4 adults. Will the joiner fee still be charged? Any help with this would be appreciated..

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