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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Butterfly, Pattaya's Three (3) Day Rule

You Butterfly Mr? I not butterfly! Ging - ging: What it means, What is a Butterfly? - If a Thai bar girl, or should I say a bar girl from Pattaya calls you a butterfly she is simply saying she knows you intend to sleep around. Ie have sex with many different partners/bar girls. Who goes to Pattaya to have sex with bar girls? If you wish to avoid the GFE (girl friend experience - nagging and expense!) declaring your intentions is probably the best thing along with knowing the Three (3) day rule. 

Having taken the lady out of the bar with the intention of going on “undercover man-oeuvres” later in the evening, it is worth remembering that it is impossible to take the bar out of the lady! And to that end the bar girl is a very possessive creature. 

Saving or loosening face – causing embarrassment, backing down. 

Saving, or loosening face is very important in Thai culture. Your lady maybe a bar girl but it is still essential that she is not seen to lose face. More importantly she should not be seen to lose face at the hands of a “farang” (foreigner) should you wish to take a different bar girl the following night then simply take a bar girl from a completely different bar. Taking a bar girl from the same bar as the previous night is not a good idea! Bar girls may appear to get on with each other - but in reality its a dog eat dog world.
Avoiding the GFE in Pattaya – the three (3) day rule, What is Pattaya’s three (3) day rule? Simply put – it’s when fantastic sex and great fun go out the window and her clothes and other personal items find a more permanent position in your wardrobe and bathroom. This is the three (3) day rule in it’s simplest form and it simply means its time for her to go. Her sweet talking and flattery have all but stopped. The things she used to ask for she now expects, even demands. The money you had placed to one side for souvenirs is now being spent on her. Every night you find yourself drinking at the same bar – her bar. A round of drinks is more than double what it was three days ago. She insists on drinking Bacardi Breezer's at 120Bht a bottle when your beer Singha is only 39Bht? With every round you find an extra drink put in front if you - this is for her friend: and as not to look like a "Cheap Charlie" or cause a fuss you pay for it - She has a lot of friends!!  She tips generously with your cash! 

The three (3) day rule prevents all of the above, not following it will be costly! 
Man Eater
pattaya thailand bar girl prostitute

The bar girls of Pattaya are very skilled in extracting cash from wide eyed first time holiday makers there. First timers or "newbies" to Pattaya stand out a mile, they can be, and are picked off by bar girls like flies from a car window screen. To the delight of the bar girl everyday see's more of these walking ATM’s arrive. Even though she has a vocabulary of less than a hundred words she manages to wrap them around her finger and have them believing her every word. One of the most successful phrases she will use is “I not butterfly” What does “I not butter fly” mean? She doesn’t sleep around! I find it very hard to believe a bar girl (prostitute) in Pattaya does not sleep around, in fact sleeping around comes as naturally to her as lying does! It is possible that she sleep's with a different customer each night - do not be fooled by her tales of fidelity and innocence.

If being lied to upsets you, move to the next bar, which is more than likely only a three feet away or, better still avoid Pattaya completely.

Ging-ging, Really!! Have a great time in Pattaya
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