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Monday, 19 March 2012

Pattaya’s Bar Girls, A Guide To Prostitutes, And Prostitution.

In Pattaya, you can take a "girl out of a bar" (providing you pay the bar fine that is) But you will never take the “bar out of the girl” Looking to meet, looking to date, or just looking for a that particular girl to make your holiday in Pattaya perfect, then read on and be warned! 

The holiday resort of Pattaya is not all about sex! Well, according to some that is. Pattaya as a holiday destination is evolving. There are plenty of attractions to visit and surprisingly many of those attractions are family orientated, but for now, Pattaya’s main attraction is its nightlife, beer bar and bar girl scene. Even the tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT) acknowledges the fact that Pattaya, for many years as been considered a seedy resort on the eastern sea board where single, and occasionally married! Male holiday makers go to relive their past. 

If you are going on holiday to Pattaya with the express purpose to meet young, extremely beautiful bar girls, and if you are not aware of the three day rule! A word of warning, although your chosen lady may appear to be very naive and inexperienced in many things, extracting cash from her walking ATM is not one of them. Sex is the bar girls tool, or weapon of choice, and she uses it to great effect! 
bar girls from soi six pattaya thialand
Used with kind permission of the owner
Every bar girl I have ever met as had a sad story to tell. Many about a death in the family, or having no money to send her child: to school, or may be her husband leaving her for another woman etc. It is hard not to feel sorry for them, and want to help out but alas these stories of hardship are just that, Stories! The internet is full of stories of holiday makers to Pattaya just like you? That have fallen foul of a bar girls scheming, conniving, cheating ways. That said, I never get tired of the constant shouting from the bar girls as I walk down the street "A handsome man where you go", "What's your name", "Can go with you". For a fleeting moment I may actually think they are shouting at me! It doesn't matter if you have a disability, or are getting on in years, if you are over weight or just plain ugly, all the bar girl sees is an ATM on legs, a hot shower and breakfast if she's lucky. One thing for sure, If you go out intending to take a bar girl back to your room for some horizontal exercise, (sex) make sure you sabotage the TV first. Other wise she will be watching it all night long!! (Pulling the areal cable out a little should do it) and expect her to ask you to shower first. This is because she hopes her drunken farang will be asleep by the time she as had her shower and gets into bed! 
naked bar girl pattaya thailand
Used with kind permission of the owner
Prostitution in Thailand is rife, and the bar girls of Pattaya are prostitutes. They are skilled at extracting cash from the uninformed holiday maker and as such feel it’s my duty to point out just some of the many ways she will identify you, cheat you out of your cash and break your heart. Even though not entirely true, read on..

The 10 Commandments of a Thai bar girl 

1. At the end of the week, specifically Friday and Saturday, many locally employed walking ATM machines will come to your bar, choose carefully! Some have money, but others do not! If he is wearing a suit and tie, check that the tie is not a Pratunam special and check that he isn't wearing trainers. If he is, forget him because he is most likely an English teacher and they will only give you peanuts, if they give you anything at all. 

2. No matter how fat and ugly he is, no matter how bad he may smell, no matter how drunk he is, make sure you always tell him he is handsome. Sit close to him and run your hands over his body, arousing him. As soon as he has paid the bar fine, you can stand clear of him. Even if he knows that you despise him, he'll still pay you. The hard part is getting him to pay the bar fine, and as soon as he has done that, the rest is easy. 

3. Start collecting email addresses from all of your customers, once you have a good collection of addresses, a visit to your local Internet cafe is in order. Send everyone an email. Simply change the name on each email and send it off to all the guys. If you can remember something specific about them, mention that in the email too. These walking ATMs all have a soft heart, so you need to tell them a story to get them to send you some of their riches. Start with a sick buffalo and if he doesn't reply, next tell him that your mother is ill. As a last resort, if he still doesn't send any money, tell him you are pregnant and the baby is his! 

4. Practice crying on cue. It is essential that you can produce tears immediately. This will have the effect of helping the walking ATM machine to see things your way! 

5. When you get a customer for an extended period of time, make sure he takes you shopping, with Rarn Tong (gold shop) being the best place to visit. Make sure he buys you gold and if he doesn't, see rule 4! As soon as he has left Thailand, take the gold back to the shop and sell it straight back to them, thus increasing your pay out. 

6. When locally based farangs are inside the bars, do not speak in Thai with your friends in the bar but rather use Lao, Khmer or any other dialects that you may know. It's bad enough that some of them can speak and even read Thai, but Lao and Khmer should be kept as sacrosanct. Under no circumstances should the farang be taught our regional dialects. 

7. Always see him off at the airport. Thai currency cannot be used in his country, so it is highly likely that he will give you all of his leftover Baht as he leaves and says goodbye. While accompanying him to the airport, prevent him buying going-away gifts for his family and friends in his homeland, this will leave more money for you. 

 8. See Asian customers. They understand that we like to gamble, and they understand that we have lots of unemployed brothers and sisters who need to eat. Therefore, they pay a lot better than the farangs. 

9. Remember, when you go with a farang, you must always ask for taxi money and give him the excuse that taxi drivers cannot give change on big notes. Don't let him see the small change in your wallet. If taxi money isn't forthcoming, see rule 4. 

10. If you are no longer making money in Bangkok, move down to Phuket where you will be able to start making money again. Give Phuket a few years, then move on to Pattaya. Even if you are approaching 50, it is no problem as the walking ATM machines in Pattaya seem to be so blind, they will not notice. 

Thinking of going on holiday to Pattaya, Thailand? Its time to stop thinking, book your flight today! and have a great time in Pattaya.
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