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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Pattaya's, Sex Life, Fem Boys And Lady Boys,

Pattaya’s diverse sex life. First there was man, then women, then bar girls/prostitutes. Pattaya’s lady boy’s /transsexuals became the third sex and now Pattaya’s sex tourists, travelers, holiday makers are being subdued by its most “up front” sexual phenomenon … the Fem Boy, feminine looking boys, and young looking men! What is a fem boy? Where can I find fem boys in Pattaya? Are there specialist bars? For the answers.. read on

Thailand is primarily a Buddhist country and as such is very tolerant and understanding towards all forms of personal, sexual, expression, exploration, persuasion. Should a boy growing up feel more like a 'she' than a 'he', he is not looked upon, or judged in the same as in western society.
Pattaya is full of lady boys, fem boys, gay's and transexuals
Asian people on the whole are petite when compared to westerners, and some have more feminine features, with little makeup, the right haircut and some padding you have a fem boy! In the past, we in the western society may have labelled them as being gay or cross dressers. Strangely enough in Pattaya they do seem to fall into either of these two categories, the make up artists, and the dress up artists! Some may have small hormone induced breasts whilst awaiting surgery for implants, a sort of transitional period of becoming a full lady boy, however many choose not to have Trans gender treatment and prefer to remain as gay, cross-dressing, fem boys?

Fem boys, or feminine looking young men and Pattaya’s lady boy’s/transsexuals, like their beer bar counter parts, the bar girls, are very proud of their appearance and of what, and who they are. Many of them are unbelievably attractive even with out our beer goggles on! Should? You find yourself in a short time bar room, or in your hotel room with a fem boy, or a Lady boy’s in er… “error” please remember that saving face is very important to Thai people, and that it would be better to pay for their time even if: you decide not to take part in “horizontal-man oeuvres” (sexual activity)This brings me back to the beginning of this post. More and more people are: having sex with lady boy’s and fem boys in Pattaya. The reason… they say that sex with a fem boy is the most sensual sex they have ever had. There could be some truth in this as they also say “only a man knows how to please a man” who knows? Men that sleep with fem boys and lady boy’s are they gay? They claim they are 100% heterosexual and I for one will not judge or make comment.

Looking for sex with a fem boys or lady boy’s? Now's the time to book you flight! Want a sexual experience with that little something? Extra, then take a trip to Boys Town or Pattayaland or may be Pook Bar Soi Bukow, EZY Bar, Walking Street, LA Bamba, Soi Yamoto and Jenny Star Bar Walking Street to name but a few

On a lighter note.. Some new beer bars are being offered for sale on Beach Road, though they do need one or two finishing touches…
pattaya beach thailand construction
Thank You Monkey Watch?
What ever, or should I say who ever you do? Do it safely and have a ”Ball” in Pattaya
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