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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Massage Parlor Sex

Massage parlor oil massages, dirty massage or massages with happy endings! If you are on holiday in Pattaya, Thailand you will no doubt see the many massage parlors that are dotted around the resort. Apart from the services advertised in the window there are some services being offered that may require the visitor to pay a small additional tip for.

Dirty massages or massages with happy endings can be had in nearly every massage parlor in Pattaya, especially the more seedy establishments that just have a mattress on the floor and a wrap around curtain. You want proof? Book your flight today - and check out Soi Honey! 
<img alt>Massage parlors often subsidize their income by offering sexual services </img>
Soi Honey massage parlor masseuse Pattaya
The massage parlors of Pattaya, especially those on Soi Honey are pretty much “short time rooms” but with out walls or doors? So what happens in these establishments? Very simply, you pick a girl from the available staff sitting out side the parlor. You tell her what you want – a one hour oil massage, and you follow her inside (leaving your shoes outside – of course. No need to be impolite?)

The masseuse will ask you to take a shower. Even if you have just had one in your hotel taking another one just establishes your overall attitude to cleanliness in general – and will make her feel happier when carrying out the services required. After showering you are escorted to a vacant mattress. You are asked to lie down on your stomach with the towel from your shower covering your back side. The masseuse starts to massage your back with oil, after a few minutes she will remove the towel to gain access to your buttocks and legs. Now: she starts to work her magic, her fingers repeatedly but “completely by accident” managing to find your gentleman’s equipment!

After ten minutes or so you will be asked to roll over – at this point most guy’s roll over like a yacht righting itself? She will then more than likely ask you if you “want something extra” of course I: Say no every time, but should you find yourself in that situation an additional 300Baht should secure basic relief and 600Baht for full sex - condoms are mandatory and are supplied by the lady? Oral sex with or without a condom will need to be negotiated. 800 baht for an hour’s entertainment – not bad in my books, providing you can stand the chatter and other noises coming from the gentleman on the other side of the curtain!
Please remember! - Prostitution is illegal in Thailand. Also, that the happy ending you seek may in fact turn out to be the same as the Rolex you purchased the night before, not quiet what you expected.

Reputable massage parlors in Pattaya – are there any? I expect so. But remember TIT (This is Thailand) and providing you have the money, most things can be bought, even if they don’t appear on the menu? Massage parlor sex in Pattaya is certainly becoming more popular, especially late at night. However I must warn you, should you undertake a massage late at night in Pattaya after drinking a dozen Singha’s (Thai beer 5%) as that pretty masseuse may in fact turn out to be a pretty GUY!

What ever you do, and where ever you do it – have a great holiday in Pattaya 

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