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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Pattaya Package Holiday

Want a package holiday to Pattaya Thailand? Want to pay a good price? There are some fantastic package deals to Pattaya, Thailand, especially when traveling as a couple or in a group! However, if you’re traveling alone - forget the package holiday! With one supplement after another, a limited range of hotels and flights to choose from they are far from ideal.
Pattaya Beach- Viewed from The Central Festval Shopping Mall
Package holidays to Pattaya are exceptional value when travelling as a couple or in groups. However, package tours are unbelievably expensive, (or dare I say it) a complete rip off for single travelers. Take it from me, I`ve looked at countless package holiday web sites, and to be fair; at a quick glance their prices appear attractive. However, it`s not until you start to fill in the booking form, you then realize that your package holiday will cost you a lot more than the advertised price! Not only will changing the flight to your local airport mean paying a supplement, but also a single supplement is automatically charged on your hotel accommodation too! This is infuriating because every hotel I have stayed in Pattaya, have charged a room rate, for the room ONLY. The number of occupants (or the lack of them) is totally irrelevant! 
The hotels recommended by tour operators, are usually “high end”, i.e, four and five star. Most single travelers to Pattaya don’t use hotel conference facilities and are quite happy with stainless steel bath taps, as opposed to gold. A 72 inch TV shows exactly the same channels as a 32 inch TV. So please don`t waste your money! Never pay for things you will not use, benefit from, or appreciate! 
coral island pattaya beach
Koh Larm Island - fifteen minutes away by speed boat
 Traveling alone, l prefer to spend the majority of my time and money exploring Pattaya. After all, it has some great beaches and islands, numerous beer bars and an incredible vibrant nightlife.

Recent prices quoted by a tour operator, for a typical package holiday to Pattaya in October – ranged from £1833 to £3182. I must admit the hotels offered were very good, however if you only intend to spend seven hours a day in your hotel (mostly asleep) Why would you even consider paying that sort of money? 

Now you have ruled out going on a package deal!, what`s the alternative? Book independently – not only will you save at least half the money of the extortionate package deal, but your choice of hotels will increase tenfold. In addition, you will fly from your local airport at a time to suit you - with the airline of your choice,- leaving on your nominated departure date,

Book your flight to Bangkok Thailand, but search around. Be flexible with your departure date and you will save a small fortune. The typical price I would expect to pay is around £550 with the cheapest flight to Bangkok on sale from as little as £475 “Never” rely on a flight specialist or high street travel agent. Maybe you`ve been using the same company for years and by doing so, believe that you are getting the cheapest price for your flight ticket! Believe me, it`s just not true. Shopping around for the lowest priced flight is essential, because this is going take up the biggest part of your overall holiday cost.

Accommodation in Pattaya is plentiful, two star, three star, even no stars! If it’s clean, well maintained and meets your needs then go for it. Please, don’t forget - shop around for your accommodation in the same way you do for your flight. Look at the accommodation on offer from Hotels2Thailand and Hotelscombined. Look for the special offers: “stay five nights - only pay for four” etc Check out the forums and sites like Tripadvisor too. There’s a wealth of information out there and it’s only a click away.

Going on holiday alone has never been easier, so start making your travel plans today. Have a great Holiday in Pattaya!

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  1. I love this article! It`s about time someone like you stood up and told the truth, about the huge package tour package "rip-off" that`s costing a single tourist a small fortune!
    Great work Andy, and I can assure you, I`ve bookmarked this site to look for more great information!
    Thanks a million!