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Friday, 31 August 2012

Pattaya, Pattaya What Is Pattaya really Like?

"Pattaya, Pattaya" the song goes, and on first impressions Pattaya may seem to be the place to spend your holiday.... but is it?

shanty style housing in Pattaya, Slums and lean toosBeer bar complexes kbeing nocked down on Pattaya's second roadAll I can say is "although  four and a half million holiday makers head for Pattaya each year, all that glitters is not always Gold - for most parts Pattaya is a dump"! its only saving grace is that for nearly twelve hours out of twenty four - it's "in darkness"! Link


Over the last couple of years Pattaya has really tried to improve its image, in an effort to attract "Family's holiday makers" Unfortunately there's no improvement and modernization with out demolition. You can see by this picture beer bars are being knocked down at a frightening rate. Some of these demolished beer bar sites/complexes do end up as hotels and shopping centres, but most just end up back as beer bars?
Pavements,walkways, sidewalks and broad walks porley maintained in PattayaPattaya is trying to improve its image and attract even more holiday makers (as stated previously), but the demolition of one of its biggest attractions - "its beer bar complexes", I believe is not the answer! People come to Pattaya to experience it's colourful nightlife? so this seems to be a catch 22 situation? Why knock down the beer bars to make way for new hotels to accommodate the the increase in holiday makers? because without the beer bar complexes - surely there cannot be any increase in holiday makers.
This is just my personal opinion, but Pattaya civic Hall would do far better improving the infrastructure of the city. The roads aren't the best in the world and the pavements are even worse! If you have a disability or if you are confined to a wheelchair, then you may find getting around Pattaya a little difficult.  

Pattaya beach road is an obsticle course, not suiable for disabled peopleSlips, trips and falls are commonplace; especially at night in low light and even more so when it's been raining. So I am sure if ever "Claims Direct" ever open an office in Pattaya, they would pose a real threat to the Thai economy. This photograph was taken on beach road. Here every evening you will find a bottle neck, as people queue to file through the narrow gap, created by the well positioned lamp post.
Curb stones are way too high and make it difficult for disabled people to navigate
This is photograph of Pattaya's second road, shows that although at this point the pavement is wide and virtually obstruction free, the curb stones are a foot tall. You may get a wheel chair down the ramp, you may even squeeze by the abandoned barrow at the bottom - but there's no way on Earth your going to remount the pavement on the other side. After a few "Shandy's" at the end of the evening, I struggled to make this ascent with out falling flat on my face. 

Walking street is constantly in a state of repair. Great care should be used along this street at nigh timesWalking street is one of Pattayas biggest beer bar complex area's and "Adult entertainment zones" at night it's a fabulous place to visit beacuse it has hundreds of beer bars, bar girls and flashing lights. In reality it's a one thousand meter trip hazard, especially if you have had a drink or two? The pavement is strip is only two feet wide, making it a trip hazard from hell!, An accident waiting to happen, and most nights it generally does. Walking Street Pattaya should be renamed "Walk in Street"! A staggering four and a half million holiday makers visit pattaya each year and most pay a visit to "Walking Street" unfortunately they do not all "Walk out" 
Walking street gogo bars and disco's mounted atop piles over the seaMost holiday makers "the hard core" party goer's" do not realise that  many of the bars and nightclubs that line the street, are in actual fact standing on piles driven in to the sea bed. I often wonder if they would be jumping up and down so vigorously if they could see the condition of those piles. Maybe it adds to the excitement? 

Every morningan army of cleaners descend on walking street to make it ready for the next wave of holiday makers 
To sum up: Pattaya is a fantastic holiday resort for those not too interested in their surroundings. For the able bodied it's an obstacle course. The majority of Pattaya is in a permanent state of regeneration through demolition and renovation which is swiftly followed by rebuilding - what was there in the first place. Pattaya is generally dirty, squalid and run down. The many varieties of deep fried "bug's"  you can buy and eat from the mobile vendors will not harm you - the "Fipronil" used to kill the bugs probably will! Flash flooding is common place in Pattaya, when it rains during low season.

Thailand has a sub tropical climate and when the monsoon rains fall, it really does rain hardThere are a million and one web sites devoted to Pattaya, but very few (if any) tell it as it really is. "A fantastic holiday resort" Where the sun shines for more often than not... Where you can get a meal and a drink for less than 100 Baht. Where old men? can feel young or simply relive the past... Where a young lady can fill you with dreams, while simultaneously emptying your pockets.... Where massages have happy endings and then you find out what four and a half million other holiday makers already know "The departure lounge at Bangkok airport is the loneliest place on Earth"

Don't believe me? then book your flight today, find out for yourself, and have a great holiday in Pattaya

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