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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Pattaya Girls

The Price Of Cheap Sex In Pattaya - Bar Girls, your guide to understanding the bar girls of Pattaya, sex, trust, familiarity, faithfulness, and love? 

For a single guy, Pattaya, Thailand is one of the most exciting holiday destinations in the World. Even during the recession with the exchange rate slightly lower than it has been in the past few years, a holiday to Pattaya is still excellent value for money. Over two million holiday makers still head for Pattaya each year – we can’t all be wrong.

Pattaya bar girls beer bar photo
So what’s the attraction I hear you say? Flight and hotel prices remain pretty much the same has they have been for a number of years. Food in Pattaya is cheap and the days are usually sunny and hot. Although there are plenty of activities to keep you occupied during the day most people tend to spend them relaxing around their hotel pools or down at the beach.

Pattaya is a party resort, and as such comes alive when the sun goes down. There are hundreds of beer bars and thousands of bar girls just waiting for you to discover them. Despite the tourist authority of Thailand (TAT) trying desperately hard to clean up Pattaya’s image, and change it from the “sex capital of Thailand” to a family orientated resort, Pattaya still remains a “Disney land for adults” It would be foolish of me to say that all of the two million holiday makers heading to Pattaya are going there purely for sex, but I would image that a good proportion of them are. If you are looking for a bar girl, or if you are looking for sex, Pattaya is the holiday destination for you.

So what is the price of cheap sex in Pattaya? Unfortunately there is no “set price” as there are too many variables. It makes no difference whether its high or low season, if the particular girl works in a massage parlor, beer bar or ago-go, or if you are Brad Pitt or Matt Damon. However you will probably pay far less than if you were Wilfred Bramble, but you will pay! There is no such thing as a free ride, if you are offered one you can be sure that the bar girl in question has an ulterior motive. Bar girls are notorious liars and schemers and should never be trusted - ever!

There are numerous sites covering the topic of cheap sex in Thailand, but how do you know if the asking price is the right price, and how do I know if you are being ripped off etc To put the answer in simple terms, you are going to Patttaya to exploit young girls that have turned to prostitution in aid of supporting themselves and their families, Do you not feel it only fair to be exploited a little too. Whatever price you pay, you can be sure there’s someone going to tell you he slept with the same girl the night before, and only paid her half the amount you did. You were happy at the time when you paid your bed mate for her services, so don’t dwell on the past - just learn from it:

walking street pattaya bar girls escorts gogo club hosts fancy dress
How much will you be paying for sex? one thousand Baht in a massage parlour or short time room, or one thousand five hundred Baht to receive the long time services of a bar girl in the privacy of your hotel room. The key words in this paragraph are “Paying for” remember you are paying to spend time in the company of a bar girl, or lady who has spent years learning how to extract cash from na├»ve young holiday makers – like you! She will blow your mind in the bed room, and whisper sweet nothings in your ear that will melt your heart. These are her cash extraction tools and the walking ATM is open for business. Don’t be too surprised if in the morning she also asks for two hundred Baht for a taxi home, and this is after doing the walk of shame and taking her to breakfast!

Lust often leads to familiarization and familiarization makes for great sex, following that there is a whole world of pain and misery. It may sound hard or even cruel but the three day rule isn’t to be ignored, it’s mandatory! It is a guide to help you keep on top, and in control of your holiday and your holiday cash!

Many single guys enjoy the free spirited attention that the bar girls heap on them. They enjoy the availability of uncomplicated sex and feel empowered by the Baht in their pocket. They can drink at any bar they like, with any number of girls, yet for no other reason than believing that he, according to the bar girl, is “Different than anyone she has ever met before, kinder and more loving” finds himself returning to the same bar each night. Even when his previous nights conquest has “not turned up for work” (Already been bar fined) His sense of being betrayed is over powered by the bond he has struck up with her.

You are now doomed – you are not content in being familiar/friendly with a bar girl, you want something more, commitment, faithfulness and love. These words do exist in the Thai language but are rarely used in conversation with “Johnny foreigner” they are reserved purely for family members only. If you hear them they simply mean she is looking for someone to look after her – financially of cause. Before you know it you are buying her clothes, Gold Jewellery, giving her money towards her rent, even helping with the payments on her motorcycle (That she doesn’t actually own) By the time your two week holiday is over you have fallen in love, and the only way to express love is to send her some money each month so she can stop working the bars (one hundred thousand Baht should do it) You can also had an additional hundred thousand Baht for all the unfortunate accidents that suddenly befall herself and her family.

Pattaya Girls And The Price Of Cheap Sex In Pattaya. Pattaya is like Disney land but with better rides, however once the ride stop’s walk away!

Sex is good, sex is fine doggy style or sixty nine, just for fun, or getting paid, everyone likes getting laid - Have a great holiday in Pattaya
How does it feel to fly with the best ?


  1. What happens if you sit at a beer bar/gogo bar and you dont drink..

    Im not a drinker, so will they throw you out ?

    1. If you do not drink alcohol you can simply drink Coke, Sprite, orange juice, or even buy a bottle of water. If you sit at a bar and do not buy anything you will be asked to leave. After all you are preventing paying customers from being at the bar. I was at a bar on Soi Made in Thailand when a group (nine)of Indian gentlemen came to the bar. Only one of them ordered a soft drink the rest sat there ogling the girls. They where all asked to leave expect the man that had purchased a drink. Do you think bar girls will go with people like this? NO