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Thursday, 15 December 2016

How to Run a Beer Bar Successfully in Pattaya or, How to Make Money Running a Beer Bar

Firstly, why do you want to buy a bar? Is it to provide an income to support your stay in Thailand? If so, please remember that for the majority of farang bar owners the best way to make a small fortune in the Pattaya Beer Bar Scene is to start with a large one! Or to be brutally honest if you can’t afford to lose your investment - you cannot afford to gamble!

Go Ahead and Buy That Beer Bar

Buy that beer bar - after all it looks like it’s a very popular bar, and all your friends will come flocking to it to spend their hard-earnt holiday money.  Unless you have spent a considerable amount of time in Pattaya drinking at that bar then how would you know if it is a popular well frequented bar? And, if you have spent that much time there then it would also suggest that most of the bar receipts - are in fact your own. You friends will not spend all their cash at your bar – because being a good friend will want to show them some of the delights of Pattaya, and that means neither of you will be there. Those friends that do frequent your bar will be there to talk to you – they are not the ones that buy lots of lady drinks or go crazy ringing the bell.

What Makes a Good Beer Bar in Pattaya

What makes a good beer bar in Pattaya - the answer is simple – you: and should your bar fail it will be all your fault. So how do you fill your bar every night? Here are a few suggestions - Cheap Drinks, Music - preferable sixty’s, seventies and eighties played on a large TV screen (YouTube). Comfortable seating, pretty bar girls and a “Price List”.

Cheap Drinks – Thai logic states that if the bar isn’t doing well, put the prices up. If this is your logic your beer bar will be closed within a few months, if not weeks. 

A beer bar in Soi Made in Thailand charged me 85Baht for a Singha beer. A lady drink was 150Baht and the bar fine  300 Baht. The girls working there were not pretty by any stretch of the imagination and the music was uncomfortably load Hip Hop. I was the only customer at the bar - and the bar was for “Quick Sale” I asked the owner why it was for sale and she (Thai) said “bar no good”. I said maybe your prices are too high? “Not possible everywhere the same” she replied. I said Janes bar, Puy Bar, Micky’s Bar and Pussy Bar in the next Soi were selling the same drink from as little as 40Baht and: those bars I know had been there for more than 10 years. “Not possible” she replied. I was beginning to think she needed to get out more!

Drinks menu

A drinks menu or price list never does any harm. If you are going to sell cheap, or cheaper drinks than the bar next door “Tell Everyone” - Those people you see walking by are opportunities missed!

Sang Som   B50      (LDB80)
Chang         B50      (LDB80)
Leo             B50      (LDB80)
Singha.       B60      (LDB90)
Heineken    B70      (LDB100)
Breezer       B90      (LDB120)
                              (Lady Drink)

Lady Drinks

Be reasonable – “Be Original”. Your drinks price list should proudly state “We are here for your pleasure” - Lady drinks are charged at the above prices plus 30Baht. Nothing enrages your customers more than your staff ordering a very small Sang Som Coke and then being charged 130B for it! We will pay it but... will we return?

Pool table - If you have a pool table it must be free for customers or 20B for none drinking customers (Max three games)
Seating – Splash out a little on some descent seats. Sitting on a ripped plastic rocking horse will not encourage your customers to stay long or to return. Damged seats usually men us having a wet backside as they often get left out in the rain. We will not thank you for having a wet arse!

Be the perfect host – Speak to your guests. Showing an interest in your clientele can only increase their interest in you and therefore a return visit if only to find out how you managed to be living the dream in Pattaya.

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